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Whether you are scaling or consolidating your import or export capabilities, help is at hand to ensure smooth development of your operation.

People, products, and processes are fundamental to any company’s ability to grow and adapt in new markets and maintain resilience in changing economic and political climates.

Choose from a range of packages or pay-as-you-go to achieve a solution that best suits your needs.

Global experience in a mouse click
Expert advice at your fingertips

Your online access to international trade professionals
Choose from a range of successful consultancy packages that can be delivered in a variety of formats

Export response portal

Your direct international trade advice line

Export Mentor

One-to-one guidance from a dedicated specialist

Export Manager

Embedded expertise to drive your export department

Board-level support

Non-executive, executive and advisory capabilities


Through Portilius Consultancy, clients can directly access industry expertise covering a wide range of business areas.

Our experts have decades of experience in a variety of sectors and geographical zones, including:

Overseas Business Development
International PR & Marketing
International Law
Accessing New Markets
Business and Export Strategy
Lean Supply Chain Management
Import/Export documentation & customs compliance

Establish and grow your business in chosen markets, leveraging local and regional networking skills and experience with good business practice

From market analysis to advertising & sales, communicating with your overseas client base is essential, yet has its own unique set of challenges in terms of language, culture and platforms. Access guidance from highly experienced marketing and communications specialists

Access essential, best-practice advice on regional laws and international procedures that can affect how you approach trading with clients, the products you can offer or purchase and transactional security

Research and identify opportunities, visit and communicate with your chosen markets and formulate the best approach to marketing and selling to your new customers

Success in any market usually relies on a fundamentally well set-out business strategy. Assess and build a business structure that is geared up for international trade with prospective benefits to domestic performance too!

Understanding Lean in a global context can enable companies to gain resilience to adverse market conditions and worldwide events whilst increasing capacity and profitability

Audit, evaluate every aspect of your operation for compliance with import/export laws, regulations and standards to reduce potential for lengthy delays and unexpected costs

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