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Portilius derives its name from the original, ancient Roman harbour of Portus, an ancient Roman port build in AD 62. 

It evokes the notion of a hub that supported the development of one of the world’s most impressive trading civilisations. The iconic, hexagonal harbour basin was surrounded on all sides by the faculties essential to maritime trade – great wharves and shipyards, merchants’ offices, fortifications and connection to inland routes.

Portilius may not have a boat-building facility (yet) but the functions of our digital harbour are remarkably similar.

Connect with the world via a secure and supportive platform, surrounded by all the services you need to achieve successful international trade.

…Your business is your empire, this is your doorway to global trade.

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Founded by a group of international trade professionals in the UK to create a one-stop-shop for shipping services, documentation, FX, training and access to expertise, Portilius is the most comprehensive digital trading hub on the web. (/Portilius is your comprehensive digital trading hub) Available 24/7, with instant access to competitive freight and FX quotes, on-demand training in all aspects of import and export practices and a library of documentation templates, you will discover everything you need whether you’re exporting for the very first time or you have long-established overseas trade. Portilius is backed up by a wealth of expertise in international trade, enabling users to access independent and impartial advice from experienced industry professionals through packages that range from a telephone call or email advice to one-to-one mentorship

Portilius is today’s platform for world-class success


Save time and reduce costs when quoting and booking freight services with instant quotes and simple payment

Avoid customs delays and charges with fully compliant document templates, prefilled with your company information

Access first-class training in all aspects of international trade, on-demand

Access a great range of freight tools and services to speed up your logistics functions

Our Vision

In a world that gets smaller day-by-day, it’s increasingly important for businesses to keep up globally, whether sourcing new, resilient supply chains or seeking new markets for products and services.

Technology undoubtedly makes it easier to bridge vast distances, makes communication effortless and provides access to limitless services, but where can you find all of these things brought together in one place?

Portilius is a new type of trade hub that brings every element of international trade into one place.


Portilius delivers exceptional value and performance for companies developing their international reach through importing or exporting.

Our aim is to nurture a prosperous community of global enterprises doing business across the world through a modern and inclusive digital platform.


Portilius enables you to:

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